Wireless Intercom Phone Long Range


1. 2 to 100 wireless extensions

2. 400 to 1000m(1km) communication range.

3. Internal battery backup DC5v/3.7v lithium(45hrs standby)

4. 433Mhz non interference frequency

5. Preprogrammed caller ID numbers(0 to 99)

6. 38 different selectable ring tones

7. 3 levels up and down volume selection.

8. Desktop surface mounting(wall & surface mount)

9. USB detachable power adapter and cable.

10. Power bank emergency rechargeable.



The wireless intercom system is the newest technology in intercom communication for homes and offices of big and small businesses. This system has the capacity of 100 extensions and capability to communicate within the 100 extension units wirelessly within 300 meters. It is preprogrammed and coded with calling numbers and powered by electricity and internal backup battery.

It’s a simple but advanced system that outsmarts the old PABX wired system with its great uncompromising features and technical specifications.
1. 100 extensions wireless communication.
2. No installation, standalone plug n call.
3. Rechargeable internal battery backup.
4. Surface mounting tabletop or wall
5. Preprogrammed with calling numbers.
6. Individual packages of required unit extensions available, 2 , 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10… up to 100.
1. Detachable power adapter
2. USB cord(supports power bank charging)
3. Longer communication range within 300m.
4. No more overheating.
5. Dial pad, call success and failure sound.
6. Longer battery backup time up to 24hrs.
7. On/Off switch.

ADVANTAGES:. No breaking or trunking of walls with cable.
2. No communication breakdown due to cable cut by rats and cockroaches.
3. No communication breakdown due to power failure, 24/7 battery backup.
4. Easy mobility during office or home relocation.
5. Transferable between office and home on weekends or holidays.
6. Smart and 1 minute service and repair.
7. E-manual personal repair and service instruction anywhere.
8 . Available additional extension units of any package.
9 . No extra installation charges, preprogrammed for plug & call.

1. Preprogrammed intercom cordless box
2. USB adapter
3. Power cord
4. Extension name and office card
5. User manual.

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