Take complete control in protecting your home, store, business and employees against preventable fire hazards with our Fire Suppression and Alarm System Solutions.

FIRE…. it rages and destroys all in its path, leaving it’s victims little time to respond and extinguish it. However, statistics show that the greater percentage of raging fires can be effectively arrested in the early stages in which they smolder. This fact forms the basis of our Fire Detection and Alarm Systems.


We supply and install Fire Detection and Alarm Systems, which fall into two main categories – Conventional Systems or Analogue Addressable Systems.



Conventional fire alarm are certainly the most simple fire systems, both in terms of installation and function. They also offer the most economical prices when compared with 2-wire or addressable panels however installation costs will differ.

Conventional Systems are well proven means of fire / smoke detection and alarm, which are often the natural choice for smaller premises due to their simplicity of design, installation and more importantly affordability


An addressable fire alarm system goes one step further in detecting fire and is able to identify the actual detector that was set off, giving you the opportunity to investigate the cause. For this reason, addressable systems are more popular, with the additional feature of naming certain detectors.

Addressable Systems however have more flexibility, intelligence, speed of identification of location of a fire threat and scope of control. They are best suited for larger premises and more complex system requirements.


We also provide fire alarm system accessories like strobe lights, emergency lighting, luminous fire exit signage and varying types & sizes of fire extinguishing canisters.


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