Electric Fence Wire System

Electric Fencing Systems are the best types of perimeter fencing systems that currently exist. They act as a deterrent to intruders, kills small rodents, and also beautify any premises.

The systems we deploy are very modern, capable of working for up to 48 hours on backup battery, capable of triggering a warning alarm when an intruder trips the wires and capable of sending sms notifications to pre-programmed phone numbers in the event of an intrusion. Our Electric Fencing Systems are simply the best and we highly recommend them to anyone.

Secure your property anywhere in Lagos or Nigeria with aggressive perimeter security system that shocks and raises alarm.

Our electric fence wires add beauty and value to your property. It comes with battery backup to ensure round the clock security that connects with armed response controlled completely using personalized PIN numbers.

Our electric fence wires are specially manufactured to withstand corrosion and come with 12 months warranty.

Features of our Electric Fence Wire System

  1. Demarcation – The high voltage fence will make potential intruders think twice before trespassing.

  2. Deflection – Thieves and burglars will be deflected to easier targets.

  3. Deterrence – Non-lethal yet painful electric shock is a strong deterrent to intruders.

  4. Delay – Electric-charged barrier will delay intruder plans and activities.

  5. Detection – The energizer voltage monitor will warn you of any tampering with fence.

  6. Deny – The high voltage electric security fence will deny entry.

  7. Dependable – The guard is up 60 seconds a minute, 60 minutes an hour, 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year.

We also offer post-sales services like delivery and installation of electric fence wire system on your property anywhere in Lagos and Nigeria.

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Electric Fence Wire System
electric fence
Electric Fence Wire System