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CCTV installation in lagos

July was a very busy month for  us at P-link Technologies service . We installed new cctv for 6 houses, offices, hotel, mall and school.

The project that stood out for us was zenith building UNILAG. There are several cameras already installed in some areas in the school but there is a clear difference between ours and the existing cameras. The contract gave birth to some other contracts.

installation of cct at unilag cctv installation

At P-link Technologies Services, we are professionals and we are so passionate about the current trend in CCTV.

We also want to commend all our esteem clients who patronized us last month, you guys are great.

Let us help you secure the sound future of your kids by preventing predators or wolfs in the form of sheep clothing from abusing your kids.

Let’s help you mitigate your loss in that business today. Have a great weekend.


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